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Isabella Alfonso RD SENr


I'm Isabella, a London based Sport Dietitian. I'm a HCPC registered dietitian (RD) and a sports and exercise nutrition registrant (SENr). Born into a family of restauranteurs, I have always been exposed to people that share my passion for tasty, nutritious, and good quality food. Through my profession I hope to motivate and inspire even more people to share my passion for nutrition and leading a healthier lifestyle. I currently deliver specialised nutritional plans as either one off consultations or 4-8 week long plans with weekly check-ins which can be sport or exercise specific as needed.

I’ve recently finished a 12-week meal plan programme put together by Isabella and my relationship with food has changed so much in this time. Isabella put together a great plan based on the food I enjoy and made sure that I was never hungry. She checked in with me each week to see how I was going with the meals and was always happy to answer any of my questions. I really enjoyed working with Isabella and am so grateful for her support and encouragement. She’s given me the tools and skills to carry on with a healthy, balanced diet and I couldn’t recommend her enough. 

[Female Personal Training Collab Client, 25] 

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