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Athletes and Paediatric Nutrition Experience

  • East London Hockey Club

    • I've had the opportunity to deliver a talk on match day nutrition to players at the East London Hockey Club, highlighting the importance of understanding macronutrients, pre and post match meals as well as the role of intra-match fuelling. 

  • U18 Essex Women's Rugby 

    • I'm currently helping to provide tailored nutrition advice to Essex Women's Rugby, primarily focusing on the U18 team. I have provided the team with infographics on a range of nutritional topics and am scheduled to present education workshops throughout the upcoming season. 

  • Private Clients  

    • I have worked one-on-one with a youth swimmer that competes nationally. I was able to provide specific macronutrient calculations and nutritional advice to improve and optimise performance goals.

    • I have been able to provide tailored nutritional advice for a client preparing for two half marathons last year. ​Before liaising with my client she was unable to run a 5k, and now can comfortably run 14k while fuelling correctly to support her training. 

  • Head Dietitian at Timber Lake Camp, New York 2019 and 2021​

    • I was the Head Dietitian at Timber Lake Camp for the summer of 2021. After working at Timber Lake during the summer of 2019 as the Food Specialist Liaison I was invited back to take on a more senior role with the aid of my own assistant.

    • My role consisted of monitoring allergens of the food items brought into the industrial kitchen and catering for 25 children with allergies such as sesame, mustard and children with Coeliac Disease. I was responsible for prepping and cooking each of the meals for the children as well as inspecting ingredients for possible allergens.​

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Clinical Experience 

  • Sports Dietitian, London - February 2024 - Present

    • I have recently join Dietitian Fit as a freelance registered dietitian specialising in sports nutrition and weight management. I specialise in translating complex nutritional science into practical advice tailored to individuals' goals, dietary needs, and training demands.

    • Key Skills & Expertise:

      • Performance Nutrition: Designing comprehensive nutrition plans to enhance endurance, strength, and recovery for athletes across various sports disciplines.
        Nutritional Assessment: Conducting thorough assessments to identify nutrient deficiencies and relevant anthropometric data.

      • Meal Planning: Creating customised meal guides that align with client's training schedules, dietary preferences, and performance objectives.
        Sports-specific Nutrition Education: Providing education and guidance on hydration, fueling strategies, pre- and post-workout nutrition, and supplementation.

      • Counseling and Support: Offering ongoing 1-1 support, motivation, and accountability to clients, empowering them to make informed choices and achieve peak performance.
        Collaborative Approach: Collaborating closely with coaches, trainers, and medical professionals to integrate nutrition into overall training and wellness programs.

    • I am Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC) Registered Dietitian (registration code: DT031825) and continue my professional development through attending online webinars hosted by MyNutriWeb, subscribing to Network Health Digest and attending my MSc course. 

  • Band 6 Locum Community Dietitian, Homerton Healthcare Foundation Trust - January 2023 - Present

    • I work within the Adult Community Rehabilitation Team (ACRT). I am able to see a variety of patients such as oncology patients, newly fitted ileostomy patients and patients with coeliac disease. I currently run bi-weekly IBS initial clinics and am responsible for giving first line dietary advice for IBS patients before they are followed up in the allotted review IBS clinic.

    • Key Responsibilities & Contributions:

      • Patient-Centred Care: Delivering comprehensive nutrition assessments and developing dietetic plans to address the unique needs, goals, and medical conditions of clients undergoing rehabilitation in the community.

      • Multidisciplinary Collaboration: Collaborating closely with healthcare professionals, including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and speech and language therapists, to ensure integrated and holistic care that supports clients' recovery and rehabilitation journeys.

      • Behaviour Change Support: Providing empathetic guidance, motivation, and practical strategies to empower clients to make sustainable dietary changes, overcome barriers to adherence, and cultivate healthier habits that facilitate their rehabilitation progress.

      • Clinical Documentation & Evaluation: Maintaining accurate and detailed records of client assessments, interventions, and outcomes to track progress, monitor nutritional status, and evaluate the effectiveness of rehabilitation strategies

  • Band 5 Locum Community Dietitian, North East London Foundation Trust (NELFT) - April 2022 - December 2022

    • At NELFT as a Band I was responsible for running general clinics Monday and Friday and was able to see patients with varying conditions such as IBS, nutrition support and pre-diabetic advise. I moved from full time to part time work while I started studying for my Masters in Sports and Exercise Nutrition.

  • Weight Management Dietitian at Xyla Health and Wellbeing September 2021-April 2022

    • My first job after graduating university was as Weight Management Dietitian at a private healthcare company. I had one to one phone calls with clients to guide them through their weight loss journey

  • NHS Clinical Dietetic Placements - October 2020 - April 2021

    • During my MNutr degree I underwent hospital placement at Nottingham University Hospital (NUH) NHS Trust. This consisted of shadowing Dietitians in renal, cystic fibrosis and oncology dietetics. I was able to gain experience in parenteral nutrition, public health sectors and pre and post operation nutritional and dietetic advice. 

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